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Isn't a Travel Advisor more expensive than booking it myself?
Travel Advisors make travel less stressful, saving you time & money. A good advisor will take the time to get to know you and your interests to create travel tailored just for you and will have additional access to special deals and perks only available through travel agencies.

What is itinerary planning?
Detailed itineraries are beneficial for travelers to ensure time management, costs of expenditures before they leave home and organizing and maximizing their time at attractions. Additionally, itineraries are a detailed timeline of events for your trip which will include what to bring, what to wear and medicines you may want on hand. Emergency information that may be needed such as local Embassy or hospital contact information, weather trends and safety information may be included.  
What types of travel does Rasberry Getaways offer?
We are a full travel agency, offering both international and domestic travel by air, train, boat or auto.  We can offer complete travel packages or can cater portions of your trip such as hotel bookings or excursions if that is all you need. Let us help you make this the vacation of your dreams!


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